Hi All I thought it was about time that I did some kind of site or blog. The aim of this blog is to let everyone know what we are upto in Brazil and share any news or even prayer requests with people.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

What were doing in Recife

My Name’s Jimmy, about two years ago I felt God telling me to leave my Job with The Path youth congregation in England to be a missionary in Brazil. Since then I have gotten married to a lovely Brazilian named Katia and we are currently involved in an Anglican church in Recife. I’m leading the youth work in the church and a schools work project in the local high school and I am teaching English as well. My wife Katia is working as a lawyer

We have a once a month advent here which is called ‘O Caminho’, which translated means ‘the way’. We normally hang out to worship God, hear his word pray for each other and chill together. Our youth group meets once a week on Sundays to study the word together and the outreach project in the school happens on Friday mornings. We have some really good opportunities in the schools we are able to openly talk about Jesus with the pupils in class time. My prayer is for many of these guys to be saved through what were doing and get involved in the life of the church here.
There are some other projects in the pipe line which we are hoping to start soon, one is a children’s project with children who live in the same apartment blocks as us. Katia and I were asked to start this after a children’s week we ran with Marcus (one of the pastors at church). Many of these kids where we live took part in the kid’s week. The new advent will be a mixture of games, activities, worship songs and talks about God.
Our desire here in Recife is to see God transform the church we're at and the young people and to see many in the area saved.


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