Hi All I thought it was about time that I did some kind of site or blog. The aim of this blog is to let everyone know what we are upto in Brazil and share any news or even prayer requests with people.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

The Latest in Brazil

The last couple of weeks we have had an interesting time, a week ago Friday we had our biggest turn out for the English course we had 20 students come. But also on that day just before the lesson started the power was cut whilst I was doing some photocopying. The power cut was due to a misunderstanding with the electricity supplier and resulted in them coming out to cut the power. It was a bit dim to the lesson inside also it was to hot to do the lesson without a fan, so we ended up doing the lesson outside in the shade. At the end we had one of the students, who’s a Christian give a testimony of how she was delivered from an arm robbery that week and share a proverb from the bible, which led to some off us sharing testimony as well and to talk about God.
Last Saturday, We had a youth advent ‘O Caminho’ after some worship Katia spoke. Afterwards we watch a DVD ‘ The Chronicles of Narnia’ whilst eating popcorn.
For December we’re trying to do a mission in the local school, there’s a holiday on the 8th so we will try and do a football competition, perhaps volley ball or dance for the girls with an evangelistic celebration that evening. Keep that in your prayers.


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Keep up the great work!! You are doing an amazing job :-) xx

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