Hi All I thought it was about time that I did some kind of site or blog. The aim of this blog is to let everyone know what we are upto in Brazil and share any news or even prayer requests with people.

Sunday, October 29, 2006


The English course is going really well, we are seeing lots of new people come to the course on Wednesday nights, Friday afternoons and Friday evenings. Everyone is really enthusiastic about it and keen to learn. Also everyone is really open to praying at the beginning and at the end of the lesson. Friday we had a largest turn out and they were mostly teenagers.
We are also back in the local secondary school this coming week I’ve been ask to talk about choosing the right path in life so were go in with a guitar we’ll do some songs, talk about how Jesus makes a difference in our life whilst other paths such as drugs etc are destructive. As well this coming Saturday (4th of November) we will have our youth advent ‘O Caminho,’ so we’re hoping that many of these new guys and girls on the course and the pupils from the local school will come and join us as we worship the Lord hear his word and watch a film with some popcorn. We would appreciate your prayers for it.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Outreach through English teaching

I thought I would write to update you all about a new project we have started for the community here. Last week we launch a new English course for the local residence. English courses in Brazil are sought after, speaking English is viewed as something necessary, but to study English is very expensive here. The idea of this project is to provide a good course that is almost free and which will incorporate the bible and would break down barriers between the church and the local community, reaching more people for Christ. So fare it's going well and those who are studying have been really impacted by it and can't believe that a church would offer such a course for just 5 Brazilian reals per month and that’s only if they can afford it. The idea with the cost of 5 reals is simply by paying a little sum per month helps people to value the course and stay committed and it pays for materials and photo copies.
We open and finish each lesson with a prayer and everyone is really open about praying and sharing prayer request. As were starting with the very basics, were introducing small verses or small pieces of verses in English for people to memorise such as ‘God is Love’. Do keep this project in your prayer, and prayer that as well as improving their English that these people would meet with Jesus through this project.